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Treatments for Him

Hair Removal


The more effective method of permanent hair removal than shaving or depilatory creams.

Treatment Duration Price
Back wax - £22.00
Chest wax - £22.00
Eyebrow wax - £9.00
Nasal wax - £8.00
Ears - £10.00


A safe and effective method of permanent hair removal. A sterile, disposable needle is used each time.

Blend - Using the sterex SXB blend epilator. By combining galvanic and short wave diathermy current we are able to achieve a greate effectiveness of permanent hair removal which is also far more comfortable for the client.


Treatment Duration Price
Diathermy 15 min £15.00
Diathermy 20 min £18.00
Diathermy 25 min £20.00
Diathermy 30 min £22.00


Treatment Duration Price
Blend 15 min £18.00
Blend 20 min £20.00
Blend 25 min £22.00
Blend 30 min £24.00