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Treatments for Him

IPL Laser Treatments

Ellipse Superlight Laser Hair Removal

A Course of 6 Treatments are recommended. Courses will receive a 20% discount

Treatment Duration Price
Chest - £250.00
Back - £250.00
Middle Brow - £40.00
Shoulders - £100.00

Ellipse Superlight Laser Vein Removal

A large number of men and women suffer from disorders of blood vessels (thread veins) they usually develop with age or through sun exposure. Ellipse offers a clinically proven and effective treatment to remove vascular lesions.

Treatment Duration Price
Individual cheeks 30 min £80.00
Cheeks and nose 30 min £100.00
Cheeks, nose and chin 30 min £120.00

Skin Rejuvenation

Pigmentation Marks

Removes age spots and uneven pigmentation on the face and body usually caused By ageing, sun damage and injury.

A course of 3 treatments may be required. A 20% discount will be given on a course.

Treatment Duration Price

Face (full face treated)

30 min £135.00

Face & neck

45 min £225.00


30 min £110.00


15 min £95.00


Ipl will improve ageing tired skin, open pores and course skin texture. Your skin will look and feel much better after just one session.

A recommended course of 6 treatments is required . Courses will receive a 20% discount.

Treatment Duration Price
Full face 30 min £135.00
Face & neck 45 min £225.00
Eyes 30 min £100.00
Decollette 30 min £110.00

Acne Clearance

Ellipse treatment following use of prescription medication has to be clinically proven to accelerate the healing process for acne.

A recommended course of 4 treatments is required. Courses will receive a 20% discount.

Treatment Duration Price
Full face 30 min £135.00
Back acne 45 min £180.00