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Red Vein and Skin Tag Removal

Treatment for Red Veins on the Face

Diathermy is a very effective method of treating thread veins and spider veins on the face by cauterisation.

(Consultation is required)

Treatment Duration Price
Per treatment - £50.00

Skin Tag Removal Using Diathermy

Diathermy is a safe and effective way of removing skin tags

(Consultation is required)

Treatment Duration Price
Per treatment - £50.00

Milia Removal

Small white cysts usually around the nose eyes and cheeks.

Treatment Duration Price
Price depending on how many are removed - £-

IPL Red Vein Removal

Red Veins

A large number of men and women suffer from disorders of blood vessels(thread veins) they usually develop with age or through sun exposure. Ellipse offers a clinically proven and effective treatment to remove vascular Lesions.

Depending on the individual a Course of 1 – 3 Treatments may be required. A 20% discount will be given on a Course.

Treatment Duration Price
Individual cheeks 30 min £80.00
Cheeks and nose 30 min £100.00
Cheeks, nose and chin 30 min £120.00